Why a properly managed tenancy is good news for you...

Great properties available for you...

We build our reputation on looking after both our tenants, and our landlords properties. That means great flats available for you!

Secure in your home.

No matter how short your your let with us may be, we would like to feel secure in your home. We use the current leasing legal documentation provided by The City of Edinburgh Council. This, as well as delineating your rights and responsibilities, strikes a good balance between giving you as tenant security in your home and the landlords both rights and reponsibilities regarding taking care of the property. Our professional approach means that our tenants know clearly where they stand and we find our tenants come back to us again and again, because they know we are reliable and trust-worthy. We do carry out appropriate referencing and back ground checks on all our tenants to ensure they are reliable and a position to pay the rent.

Your Health and Safety.

As well as feeling secure in your home you should feel safe.Be assured that is our professional undertaking to make sure that all the flats meet current guidelines on Health and Safety. Gas and electrical appliances will be checked annually to make sure they are safe to use, fire doors and smoke detectors, fire blankets and extinguishers will be installed and maintained as appropriate. In addition we will respond promtly to any concerns you have during office hours and supply you with a list of emergency contacts should any problems arise outwith those hours.

Clear guidance on rights and responsibilities.

This may be for you a first 'home of your own', or your first time in rented accomodation. It's different from a place you own, who takes responsibility if the vacuum doesn't work, or if the shower starts to leak? We provide clear guidance about what aspects of the household we expect you to take responsibility for and what aspects are our responsibility, acting as the landlords agent. Generally we say, if you are in doubt, just give us a call, after all it is in our interests to make sure that your home is comfortable and secure and that the equipment in it is safe and in good working order.

Personalised, professional care.

We maintain a property portfolio that we can comfortably know and manage well. We like to know our tenants, properties and landlords personaly. We are large and experienced enough to cope with pretty much any eventuality and yet chose to remain small enough to provide a personalised service to our clients We are large enough to cope, yet remain small enough to care.

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