These days, landlords are being asked to deal with increasing levels of complexity...

Increasing legislation, HMO, Health and Safety.

Letting residential property today has become increasingly complex. As well as the traditional aspects, such drawing up leases and staying on top of repairs and maintainence, landlords are today expected to keep up with current legislation regarding Landlord registration, Houses of Multiple Occupancy and Health and Safety. We keep abrest of current legislation and ensure you and your property are fully protected. We ensure rents get collected, bills and council tax get paid and transferred through changes of tenancy.

Finding good tenants.

Finding good tenants can be complex, where do you advertise? How do you know they will pay the rent and look after your property? We advertise our properties both nationally and locally, using the internet, local newspapers, signage outside the property and window displays. Our professional approach means that our tenants know clearly where they stand and we find our tenants come back to us again and again, because they know we are reliable and trust-worthy. We do appropriate referencing and back ground checks on all our tenants to ensure they are reliable and a position to pay the rent.

Finding good tradesmen.

Finding good tradesmen can be a problem, as any householder knows. we have been managing property in Edinburgh for over ten years now and we have established relationships with reliable tradesmen. Because we manage over 200 properties we get a good deal at a good price, an advantage we pass on to our landlords.

Day to day management.

Because managing property is our day to day business things don't get over looked or forgotten. When a repair needs to be made or a lease extended, when there is an unexpected leak or a problem with the neighbours, we are the first port of call, leaving you free to get on with your life, whether you are living in Edinburgh or further afield.

Personalised, professional care.

We maintain a property portfolio that we can comfortably know and manage well.We like to know our tenants, properties and landlords personaly. We are large and experienced enough to cope with pretty much any eventuality and yet chose to remain small enough to provide a personalised service to our clients We are large enough to cope, yet rmain small enough to care.

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